How To Get Rich

Well look at you, ya greedy bastard!rich1

You clicked on the “How To Get Rich” tab!

Lol, i’m just yankin’ ya.

There’s nothing wrong with getting rich, in fact, over here at Digital Bankroll, we encourage it, because truth is, we need more rich friends.

Have ya ever noticed how much being broke sucks?

Yeah… Let’s not be lame like that.

Broke people actually think that it’s WRONG to get rich!

WTF is up with that?

Why is it okay to desire “financial freedom” but its a mortal sin to “get rich?”

Now they’re the same thing, but…

You won’t admit that.

Because what you really want is to Get Rich. That’s why you’re reading this. But for whatever reason, society has convinced you that “Getting Rich” is somehow a taboo?

Why Is That?

Something I learned a long time ago, is when something rubs ya in the wrong way, like when admitting to your family at Thanksgiving that “I want to get rich!”offends people?

I am forced to ask why does that make people uncomfortable?

And I’ll break down the formula of exactly HOW TO Get Rich in just a minute, but I think its vitally important that we first understand the mindset of mediocrity and suppression so we can overcome it.

How To Unplug From The Matrix

Here’s What I Believe.

I believe that as kids, we ALL have dreams of becoming Millionaires. And I believe that anyone who sets their mind to it, can. Yet what happens to most people is that somewhere along the line, they allow themselves to be influenced by mediocre people. Influenced to NOT pursue their dreams.

I come from a mindset where you’re an asshole to abandon yours dreams.

Because here’s what happens when you step into the best version of yourself possible. When you step into your DREAMS and LIVE them, you actually give other people permission to step into theirs.

Sad fact is, a lot of times people are WAITING for you to prove the path to them before they will walk it, and thats okay, but only if you step forward and command your dreams of lifestyle, business and freedom into existence.

“If you DO NOT do this, you are actually performing a DISSERVICE to humanity.”

For if you have not yet begun, you have absolutely NO IDEA the depths at which you can WAKE PEOPLE UP. It’s literally the exact same thing as Neo waking up from a machine induced slumber, drip fed to him over YEARS of a fake reality.

Just like how you might be trapped inside a 9 to 5 grind with a glass ceiling so low that is gives you claustrophobia. And that’s the biggest torment of them all because you can physically see the way out, but are trapped behind an invisible wall you cannot seem to break through.


The ONE Secret Formula To Getting Rich

I find it ironic that rappers get this.

In the infamous words of Too Short, here’s how you Get Rich.

“Sell somethin’ that a whole bunch of people gonna buy!”


Sales is the highest page profession in the world. And that will never change. Because when you understand the rules of business, you understand how money flows. And when you “GET IT”, the creation of cash flow is easy.

Let me break it down for you.

In any business you have 3 major components that make up how the system functions. Please read this next stuff like 5 times, till it clicks. K?

Step #1 – Traffic Flow:

In the online world, this would be hits to your website. Visitors coming to check whatever it is that you got going on via the Internet. In the offline world, this would be the equivalent to foot traffic walking through your store. They are the same. The Internet is merely a medium to leverage your time.

Step #2 – Lead Generation:

You need a method of converting your traffic flow into optin subscribers. Meaning they need to optin and become a lead in some way on your website if you ever want to sell them anything and create a profit. If you thrive in the offline world, then you need another way to gather your potential customer data from the foot traffic you generate daily.

Can you pull them from offline to online via an email address? Can you run a contest to gather more information about your prospective customers so you can followup with them later? There are things you must do as a business owner if you wish to Get Rich.

Step #3 – Sales Conversion:

Lets face it. If you are not making daily transactions in your business, you have a hobby. Business revolves around the act of ringing the cash register. If you don’t know how to do that everyday, it’s time learn and it’s time to learn that fast.

These are the basics of the T + L x C = $ Formula.

We have dubbed that the Fast Cash Flow Formula, and just like Einsteins infamous formula E = MC2 was designed to be a simple, elegant formula that described the relationship of all energy in the universe, ours is designed to do the same thing, but for business.

Success Doesn’t Have To Be A Strugglerich3

There’s a reason why “Get Rich Quick” books, audios, videos, and home study courses exist. Because anyone that has ever got rich, has done it quickly.

Why would you plan to get rich by the time you’re 100 years old? We call that wealth in a wheel chair.

Money, riches, and wealth are meant to be enjoyed now.

And you can have them now if you WAKE UP and plug into what you will learn on this website.

But there’s a reason you are not where you want to be financially, yet.

It would be as if you were really busy chopping down a tree…

And I mean you are just hackin’ away at it like crazy, but it was taking forever to get this tree to fall over and you can’t figure out why, but you just keep going at it, because it’s what you know how to do and you’re convinced that if you hack long enough, the tree will eventually give in and fall down.

Then someone walks over to you and says…

“When was the last time you sharpened your axe?”

You reply…

“Sharpen my axe? Why, whatever do you mean?”

That’s kind of like how you’re most likely working a J.O.B. (just over broke), or whatever it is you do for money. You go to your J.O.B. because you believe that if you show up, you will get paid, so you consistently show up and bang your head against the wall hard enough to get a paycheck, which is just enough money to make you not quit the gig.

And you repeat this process, month in, and month out. Never getting ahead because the only possible way to do that is put in more time, which you only have 24 hour of each day.

Let’s Do Math Real Quick.

If you got paid $10/hour at your job, and you worked 24 hours a day, the ABSOLUTE MOST you could EVER make is $240 dollars per day.

Multiple that by 365, and it’s only $87,600 dollars per year. (not even 6 figures)

And that’s if you spent every waking hour working for a boss.

This approach to making money is kind of like saying…

“I’m too busy chopping down this tree, to sharpen my axe.”

At Digital Bankroll, our objective is to disconnect the relationship between time and money in your mind, and help you sharpen your mental axe through acquiring knowledge, skills, and principles of cash flow creation.

How To Ring The Cash Register

If I could tie a bow on everything that you have learned here on this page today, it would be to tell you this.

Learning how to ring the cash register is a skill that anyone (not everyone) can acquire. It’s the skill of mastering the sales process and collecting the money.

And right now, I want to address something that causes most people to crumble in this business.

Ask for the money.

That’s right. Simply ask for the sale.

Crazy simple right? Yet incredibly powerful.

It may sound silly but a lot of times, when in a sales situation, the person doing the selling never asks the prospect to buy from them. They, for some unknown reason, assume the prospect knows when to buy. This is not true. In sales, you must always assume the prospect does not know what to do, and therefore must instruct them with meticulous detail.

Now, another issue is that people doing Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing online, often times think they are not in sales. YOU ARE.

And you need to understand that asking someone to buy at the end of a blog post, or in the PS of an email is the same thing as doing it in person, belly to belly style.

(never really understood why you have to rub bellies to sell stuff?)

We call this a CTA (call to action) and you need to include one at the end of every piece of content you ever put out from this point forward. It could be as simple as a “get on my email list” CTA or you could tell them to “buy now”. The choice is up to you, however, just know that if you do not do this, you will never create cash flow.

How To Give A Proper Call To Action

It goes something like this…

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