How You Can Make Money Online

33 Ways Your Website Can Make Money TODAY!money2

The objective to this post is to show you 33 awesome ways your website can start making you money right away.

#1. AdSense

If you are not familiar with Google AdSense, you should be. It’s probably the easiest way to start monetizing your blog right away because it allows your to get paid by simply placing some ads on your site, and when people click on them, Google sends you money. You will get paid roughly $0.10 cents up to $5.00 per click, depending on the value of the keyword content on the site.

#2. CPA

CPA or Cost Per Action is a way to get paid by placing advertisements on your blog, when people click on, and submit something like an email address or zip code, you’ll get paid. Typically, large companies have products and services that they want to sell, and as a result of that, they know EXACTLY how much a lead is worth to them, or even an odd piece of data like a zip code.

Therefore, they will pay you X amount every time a visitor from your websites completes one of their desired actions. You’ll usually get paid out between $1.00 to $5.00 dollars for email and zip submit offers, and potentially more if more information is filled out.

I highly recommend getting signed up over at Peer Fly as a great CPA Network to get started working with.

#3. Banner Ads

Every one online has seen a banner ad before. And once your website has a little bit of traffic coming to it, people will want to buy advertising space on your website in the form of banners ads. Great part is, you get to hand chose who you want on your site and who you don’t.

Banner ads can be sold anywhere from $10/mo up to $1,000/mo or more depending on how much traffic you have.

#4. Text Link Ads

Text Links are similar to Banner Ads in the way that their value is determined by how much traffic your website has. They are usually relevant keywords hyperlinked out to the advertisers website. And you’d sell them as a 30 day ad slot so you can acquire a nice lil rebill on your advertising revenue.

You can monetize your site with text links almost immediately once you have just a little bit of traffic flowing every day.

#5. Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite ways to monetize traffic, and likely will become yours too. Essentially Affiliate Marketing is sending traffic to someone else’s product and when they buy, your receive a commission. This is exceptionally lucrative online because we don’t have any manufacturing costs of our products, or if we do, its a one off.

Therefore with Affiliate Marketing, you’ll often earn around 50% to 70% commissions on anything that you sell. Which makes using an Affiliate banner on your website, sometimes more attractive than selling that space to an advertiser.

#6. Sponsored Guest Post

Have one of your readers pay you to write a guest post on your blog!

Why would they do that?

So they can get massive exposure to themselves, their brand or whatever product they are selling. You set the guidelines and how much you think the post is worth. I would recommend charging between $50 and $200 dollars for your first few guest posts. And as you get more traffic, they will be worth much more money.

#7. Sell A Solo Ad

If you have been collecting email addresses on your blog, you can sell whats called a “Solo Ad”. This is basically an email blast to your subscribers promoting their offer. This works best when you send the email traffic to a squeeze page or sales page directly promoting their product. But it could be send anywhere the advertiser wants. You guys decide.

#8. CPM Ads

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand (the M is a roman numeral for 1,000) this is similar to a banner ad but instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, the advertiser pays you every time their ad gets 1,000 hits on your website. It’s important to remember that hits are not clicks. So for example, if you can a banner ad at the top of your website, you would charge them like $20.00 every time their ad loads 1,000 times. Make sense?

#9. PPC Ads

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Once your site starts getting a significant amount of traffic, you and actually create your own PPC Network like Google and Facebook have done. Similar to CPM ads, except PPC ads would charge your advertiser every time a visitor clicks on their ad.

#10. In Text Ads

This is sort of an advanced form of a Text Link Ad, except that when the visitor mouses over the ad, it creates a pop up ad with a banner or animated gif image that shows the visitor what’s to come should they click the ad. Check out Vibrant Media for more info.

#11. RSS Ads

If you have an active RSS Feed on your blog or website, you can simply sell and display ads in your RSS Feed. These would likely be in the form of a banner ad and price would depend on how many people are reading your feed every day.

#12. Podcast Ads

Do you host a Podcast on your blog? Running an audio ad, similar to a radio ad, could be a great way for you to start monetizing your listeners without having to sell them anything yourself. Think about how much revenue radio ads produce and think to yourself if you’d like a piece of that?

#13. Pop Up Ads

These kind of ads can be set to pop up when a page loads or when a visitor clicks on a specific banner or link. They will pop up right in front of the visitors face and could be slightly annoying if they are not highly targeted to the content on the site they are visiting. When you sell this kind of ad, make sure it’s showing content that you know your readers will love.

#14. Pop Under Ads

This is almost the opposite of the Pop Up Ad, a Pop Under Ad will actually be invisible to the visitor until they close their current window. Then the ad will be there to display because it will have “popped under” the window they were currently in. Porn sites are a great example of this. lol

#15. Product Reviews

Write a product review on the most recent purchase you made on something related to your blog or website. One of the best ways to do a product review is to buy it and then actually show off the members area or whatever it is that you bought on your blog through video or screen shots, then give a call to action linking to the product through your affiliate link of course

#16. Create Your Own Info Product

You could also create your own information products and sell them on Clickbank. If you have a large amount of knowledge on a niche subject, then you would easily be able to create a ebook or video content around whatever it is that you are extremely good at. Putting it on Clickbank will help you attract affiliates and make autopilot sales from the traffic they send you. And of course, you can then place a banner on your website, selling your new product.

#17. Publish A Kindle eBook

Never before has it been easier to become a published author than right now. You can write an ebook and have it published on Amazon Kindle in less than an afternoons time. And since Amazon is such a huge network of buyers and affiliates, you will be able to leverage that you gain more traction and faster sales for your new book.

#18. Write Tutorials

One of the most clever ways to monetize your blog is to write tutorials about things in your niche, then, when you have a product or resource talked about in that tutorial, you simply include your affiliate link to that resource and cash in when people click and buy.

#19. Membership Site

Want to create recurring revenue? There’s no better way than creating your very own Membership Site.

The best way to do this is think about how you can package a piece of information as a database and then sell access to it over and over every single month. A few great examples of that would be a website where every month the person remains a member, they get a brand new website template they can use. Or it could be software as a service, similar to how Adobe now charges a monthly fee to access their software suites.

#20. Email Marketing

Have you been building an email list from the current visitors on your website? If so, send a promotion! There are hundreds of affiliate products you can chose from on that will be relevant to your niche. I’d recommend buying it yourself first so you know that the quality of that actual product is top notch, once confirmed, send out an email promoting your new offer and watch the commissions pour in!

#21. Paid Directory Listings ($9.95/mo)

You could create a section of your website to be a Paid Directory Listing of your visitors, or even competitors websites. They would pay a monthly fee to be listed inside your directory each month, and you would charge month based on how many many visitors your website gets. What a great way to monetize your competition eh?

#22. Sell Your Custom Website Template Or Theme

Have you created a sexy website theme that people are always talking about an commenting on? Did you know that you could pay a coder on Freelancer a few bucks to take your current website theme and turn it into a template that you could then sell on your blog? Wow! That’s some cool shit!

#23. Sell Replicated Websites On Your Same Domain Name

For example, if Digital Bankroll ever decided to do this, you domain name would be something like

If someone bought that for like $20 bucks, or whatever the price would be, they would get a replicated blog on the Digital Bankroll domain name that would be setup for them to start blogging within minutes. A powerful option for the tech challenged stay at home mom who just wants to blog about her adventures as a mommy!

#24. Give Ad Rev Share For Your Writers

This would be similar to the HubPages model, where HubPages is a massive network of publishers who all write on one domain name, and in return for their hard work, they get a revenue share of all the Google AdSense ads clicked on the content they create. This is a great way to start earning some cash online just doing some writing on the side for like an hour per day, and a great way to monetize your site if you want to become a massive publishing network.

#25. Host A Webinar

Nothing attracts more people than LIVE event! Webinars are absolutely amazing sales tools. The way you should run this is by keeping the 80/20 rule in mind. Meaning that 80% of your Webinar should be solid, actionable information about whatever you are selling, and then 20% should be sales pitch at the end of the Webinar with a strong call to action with whatever it is that you want your readers to buy.

#26. Sell Consulting Services

Are you an expert in your niche? You should be selling a consulting service for your time.

For example, anyone who wants to hop on the phone with me for some advice about their business, will have to first pay the $100 dollar consultation fee. This helps eliminate feebie seekers who just wanna waste your time, and it keeps it professional and on target the entire time. I highly recommend you do this if you got expert knowledge in any niche.

#27. Sell Your Own Services

Are you a graphic artist? Programmer? Or have another handy dandy tech skill? Monetize it.

You should have a link on your blog that says HIRE ME at the top. And when people click it, you will have a list of services for sale that will send you money straight to your PayPal account. Always get paid for your skills and talents my friend

#28. Leverage An Ad Network

Once you have a little bit of traffic, you can get your site listed on a Network or for massive exposure to your website. This is a sure fire method to sell out all advertising on your website FAST! Do it.

#29. Sell Tee Shirts About  Your Brand

Got a cool brand website? You should run a Tee Shirt campaign on TeeSpring.comto sell some awesome Tee shirts and make a nice chunk of change. Tee Spring lets you upload your own custom graphic, make the sale and they fulfill all the orders for you, ship the shirts and cut you a check. It’s a beautiful thing.

#30. Take Donations

Don’t know what to sell? Running a Non-Profit? Then you need to have a PayPal Donation button up on your website immediately. You’d be surprised how many people actually will make a donation because they love the content on your site.

#31. Do A Cross Promo

Are you in a highly competitive niche? Then instead of fearing your competition, you should use them to your advantage. What you do is find someone who’s website is about the same level of traffic as you, and then you each to Guest Posts on each others blogs, mail each others email lists with those posts and offer a product or service for sale at the end of the post.

#32. Do A Google Hangout

A Google Hangout is a bit more intimate than a Webinar because you can see your face and share your screen at the same time. But again the same model would follow. Have a cool story or presentation about your product or service, heck even an affiliate offer would work, and then proceed to add value for 80% of the webinar and then sell your product in the last 20%.

#33. Sell Social Media Followings

Do you have a big Facebook Fan Page? Do you have a huge Twitter following?

People will pay good money to hear you talk about them on Facebook or Twitter. You can easily sell a Tweet or a Facebook Fan Page update for anywhere between $25 to $250 dollars depending on the size of your following. Obviously more if its bigger.