Make Money Online Video Marketing

5 Video Marketing Tips To Help You Dominate YouTube With Ease


Make Money Online Video Marketing

Hey, how’s it hang in’?

If you found this post, you are most likely looking for ways to dominate video marketing and improve your overall video marketing game.

You are in the right place.

I’ve generated over 1 million views to the videos on my YouTube channel and what I am about to give you are 5 of the main methods I have used to achieve that result. If you take what I am about to show you, and put them to work for you in your business, you can achieve a similar result.

Let’s do the dew!

#1. Stare Into Their Soul

This is the trick that will drive home that connection that people will build with you on video. Because online, you obviously cannot look at people in the eye, therefore when doing video, you have to look into the eye of the camera while you are speaking.

This gives the effect that you are sitting across the table with someone having a conversation with them.

#2. Keyword Targeting

Before you ever create your video, you need to clearly outline the topic of your video. Know exactly what you are going to talk about and how you are going to deliver it. Dave Wood would call this setting your intention for the video. And I couldn’t agree more. Ya gotta do that stuff. Because if ya don’t, you’ll end up rambling about nonsense the whole time and get off on crazy tangents.

To do this, you will need to use the Google Keyword Tool aka Keyword Planner now days. Type in a few keywords around your video idea, and figure out what you should include in your headline, tags, description, etc to precisely target your video to what people are searching for.

By doing this, you will be able to generate more traffic, hit a more targeted audience and receive more click throughs on your links when you give a CTA (more on that later)


#3. Call To Action (CTA)

At the end of every video, you need to give a CLEAR call to action. In other words you need to tell people exactly what you want them to do next.

You must assume that people have no idea what to do, and that they need precise and exact instructions about what they need to do as soon as they are done watching the video.

Whether it’s to have them like, subscribe or comment on the video, or even tell them to click a link, optin to a lead capture page and buy something. You need to tell them how and when to do this. And you need to do it at the very end of your video.

This is how you generate larger results from fewer videos.


#4. Run YouTube PPC Through You Best Videos

This is an EXTREMELY underestimated strategy for getting more traffic and more subscribers to you video and your YouTube channel.

YouTube offers an advertising platform where you can drive highly targeted views to your videos for pennies on the dollar. Doing this to your best videos, with your strongest CTAs will result in more leads and more money in your bank account. And it will also get you a larger amount of subscribers to your YouTube channel, because the people that watch your stuff, and dig it, will naturally want more from you.

I might even suggest running this PPC traffic to a video that has a strong SUBSCRIBE CTA at the end of your video.


#5. Show People “HOW TO” Do Stuff

One of the greatest ways to generate loads of traffic to your YouTube channel is just to simply show people how to do stuff that is in high demand.

I once gave a tutorial on how to add a banner ad to your Facebook profile and it got a few hundred thousand views. That video has gone on to make me several thousand dollars and generate me a ton of free leads from a video I made one time.

I do this with Screen Cam software. This is where you record your computer screen so that you can show others exactly how to do cool tech savvy things, or really anything you know how to do that you think people may benefit from.

To give you another example, I once created a video tutorial on how to jailbreak your iphone 3GS, and I think that has somewhere around 100K views to this day. Still getting new comments, likes and shares every single day.

The possibilities are endless my friend. What will you do?

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